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Ultraflex Power Technologies to demonstrate in Las Vegas IioT monitoring tool developed together with IndigoVerge


fabtech-2016-02UltraFlex Power Technologies will be showing innovative IioT solutions for Induction Equipment at FABTECH in Las Vegas, November 16-18 2016, Booth N4106. They will also demonstrate the UPT Monitor.

UPT Monitor is a cloud-based IioT tool for monitoring the industrial heating processes. It allows easier quality control and traceability and reduces the time needed to identify problems on the production line.

UPT Monitor is a product designed and developed by IndigoVerge in close cooperation with Ultraflex Power Technologies. IndigoVerge plans to actively develop the UPT Monitor as an IioT solution and add more and more features in the next 12 months, including alerts and notifications, real-time analytics and advanced reporting capabilities. UPT Monitor is based on Microsoft Azure.

A few snapshots (click to open):

IioT solution developed by IndigoVerge

IioT solution developed by IndigoVerge  IioT solution developed by IndigoVerge

FABTECH provides a convenient ‘one stop shop’ venue where you can meet with world-class suppliers, see the latest industry products and developments, and find the tools to  improve productivity, increase profits and discover new solutions to all of your metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing needs. The upcoming event is expected to cover more than 550,000 net square feet and anticipates over 28,000 attendees and 1,300 exhibiting companies.

If you are in Las Vegas, stop by Ultraflex booth N4106.

If you need an IioT-based solution for your business, contact us at info [at] indigoverge.com .

Want to adopt IoT? Be ready for change management!


You are probably already convinced in the benefits you may reap by integrating an IoT solution for your business. You’ve probably already read and heard enough that IoT is the future – it saves costs, increases the revenue, optimized processes and opens a whole world of new possibilities.

It is now time to realize, however, that IoT does not only mean ‘new technologies’. It is a new way of making business, a new way of thinking.

One of the common problems faced by enthusiastic managers seeking IndigoVerge for IoT consultancy is: How to ‘sell’ that IoT vision to the other C-level managers and how to overcome the resistance to the changes it will bring?

Usually the biggest and most loudly spoken resistance comes from the most profitable departments in a company, those with good financial results. They have really low motivation for change, claiming that “If something is working well, there is no need to change it’’. At the same time, other departments fighting for a portion of the budget are pushing to have their new and better idea implemented.

What should be the management approach in such a situation?

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Highlights from my IoT business session at the recent Sofia IoT Summit


I have recently announced my participation in the first Internet of Things summit in Bulgaria, organized by the Software University and Microsoft Bulgaria. My session on the ‘IoT adoption process from business perspective‘ was part of the IoT business line of sessions (there was a tech line as well).

My session – I am truly happy about that – got a good number of attendees and, judging by the post-session meetings and conversations, sharing my business experience in this domain did provoked a lot of interest.

Since some of my international contacts asked me about the event and were sorry they couldn’t attend, in this post I’ll be sharing some of the key points from my session. Truly hope those would help initiate a conversation on the topic.

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Implementing smart IoT-based street lights – how smart is smart enough?


How smart should a smart IoT-based LED lighting be?
This was the key question we had to answer when we started work on a recent IoT consulting project – an IoT solution responsible for managing the street LED lighting. The result we were looking to achieve was, of course, increased efficiency and reduced energy and maintenance costs, considering the longer life and much reduced energy consumption of LED-based lighting.

During the discussions with our client, we put on the table three possible levels of optimizations. Each of those had to be evaluated based on costs and value added. All three optimizations had to be put into a financial model so we could figure out the financial reasoning behind each stage of the project.
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IndigoVerge will participate in Internet of Things Bulgaria Summit 2016


IndigoVerge will participate in Internet of Things Bulgaria Summit 2016, a one-day event focused entirely on Internet of Things.

Ivan Dragoev, CEO of IndigoVerge has been invited as a speaker and will lead a 45 minute session with topic “Internet of Things adoption process from business perspective”. The event will take place on 29 September, at Software University, Sofia.

The event has two tracks – Tech and Business. Ivan Dragoev’s session is a part of the business track and will begin at 11:45. He will talk about his experience at IndigoVerge helping clients understand, plan and adopt IoT-based solutions. Adoption of a new technology is always risky and building solutions on top of Azure IoT Hub, Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Active Directory and Azure App Service can help to significantly reduce that risk, shorten the development cycle and reduce time and costs. Based on real world scenarios from IndigoVerge IoT consulting and development experience, this session will give managers an idea how to handle the IoT adoption process for their companies.

More information about the event is available here:

World Economic Forum research of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) potential


Industrial Internet of ThingsWhile Internet of Things was appointed by Gartner as the most hyped technology in 2014, I believe that Industrial Internet of Things has even bigger potential and will change the business models in the industry entirely in the next decade.

World Economic Forum in collaboration with Accenture released a research paper “Industrial Internet of Things: Unleashing the Potential of Connected Products and Services” which brings more light to the future based on the IIoT.

Here you will find out the key points from the research regarding the business models, opportunities and problems. Continue reading »

Equipment manufacturers, IoT and business models comparison


In my blog post “Why changes in business models are vital for the adoption of new technologies” I tried to explain how IoT solutions change the communication and give the opportunity to the equipment manufacturers (OEM) to take the place of the pro-active party instead of the customer in case of a potential incident or accident. And on a conceptual level this is still and will be valid.

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Join my Internet of Things session at the International Fair Plovdiv, Sept 30th


If you’ve been following my previous blog posts, you know that over the past two years I’ve been working in the field of IoT (Internet of Things) with IndigoVerge own project HutGrip (www.hutgrip.com). And I’m glad that on September 30th I’ll have the chance to share my impressions and experience in this industry at the International Fair in Plovdiv.

International Fair Plovdiv is holding its 70th tech edition on Sept 30th. This is one of the most appreciated business forums for investment goods and technologies in Southeastern Europe and a very old too – first fair done as early as 1892. Last year’s edition of the fair got more than 30,000 visitors from 41 different countries with interests in the fields of machine building, information technology, electronics and electrical engineering, power engineering and more.

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5 things you should be looking for in a technology partner


If you are running a business that is looking for a technology partner, then you are probably wondering how to pick the right one, how to ensure your choice is right and will not jeopardize your business.

Usually you are faced with these two options:

  • choose from a list of companies you were recommended (by a friend, someone from your network, etc.)
  • search for a partner (web search, ads, freelance platforms, etc.)

In both cases what matters most to you is the attitude of the company: do they deliver on time, are they honest and responsible, could they fit your business needs, are they proactive, etc. But, while you can certainly get information about the projects done by certain companies and their workflow model, you may not easily figure out their attitude. Of course there could be testimonials and maybe this is the only way to assess the company but keep in mind that every project is different. Including yours.

The following list aims to help you clearly define your expectations and clarify what you should look and ask for when evaluating a potential technology partner. Again, this will be like a marriage – a long-term relationship in which you want to live “happily ever after”.

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